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The Seasonal Home - Early Lent Plans. Free printables and a recipe cardHello Lovelies! Spring is right around the corner and this week there is much to mark and celebrate in the seasonal home. I thought I would share a few things that we will be doing in our home this week.


Tuesday is Shrove Tuesday which means it’s a pancake dinner and pancake dessert. There is such comfort in observing the natural and liturgical year don’t you think? It really gives me a sense of ‘place’ in this crazy world.

For our main course I shall cook up some mince meat and beans to fill our pancakes. I’ll stuff them until they are nice and fat, roll them up and place them in a baking dish and top with a white or cheese sauce. Then I’ll bake them under the grill until they are piping hot and golden.

Dessert will be pancakes (heated) stuffed with Ben and Jerry’s ice-cream. Our favourite. Yum. I am sharing my ‘go-to’ pancake recipe. These are good old British pancakes so they are cooked in a large pan and are fairly thing – a little thicker than crepes. I have created a recipe card for you to download and print to save you the hassle of writing out the recipe 😉

My Pancake Recipe {Download Recipe Card}

(Prep time: 10 minutes, Chilling time: 1 hour, Cooking Time: approx. 15 minutes, Makes 12)

100 g flour

A pinch of salt

3 eggs

250 ml (1 cup) milk, or half milk half water

15 ml (1 tablespoon) melted butter or sunflower oil (optional)

Butter for frying

Sift together the flour and the salt. Beat in the eggs and milk to make a smooth batter. chill for at least 1 hour. Just before making the pancakes, stir in the 15 ml (1 tablespoon) melted butter or oil, if used. Heat a non-stick frying pan until very hot and swirl some butter around in it before pouring in a thin layer of batter. Once browned and set, flip the pancake over to lightly brown the other side. Keep warm over a bowl of boiling water while you complete cooking the rest of the pancakes.


St. Davids Day :: Ash Wednesday 

St. David is the patron Saint of Wales. I’m keeping it simple because this year St. Davids Day shares it’s time with Ash Wednesday. Ash Wednesday, as you may know, marks the start of Lent, a period of penance and fasting. So instead of baking something yummy as I usually do for St. Davids Day , we will instead bring in some Daffodils from the garden to mark the occasion.

On Wednesday evening we will attend a special service at our church and receive the ashes.

Moving into Spring

It’s not long now until we can officially say that spring has arrived – just a few more weeks to wait, but it’s never to early to plan for the new season is it? Spring is such a lovely season, new life, colourful bulbs pushing through the earth, Mothering Sunday for us Brits, and a full liturgical calender. I have loads of ideas I want to try out this year pinned onto my ‘Spring, Lent and Easter’ Pinterest board. Too many to do all in one season of course but part of the fun in celebrating the season is in the planning. So why not download my Spring and Easter planning pages to pen down your plans.

Okay lovelies, that’s it for today. I hope to be back with another planning post this week on meal planning and how I go about it. It’s something I’ve done for years and cannot imagine my home running smoothly without this monthly ritual 😉 Until then, be blessed.

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2 thoughts on “The Seasonal Home :: Plans for the Week

  1. Lovely post and planner pages, Shirley-Ann. Notice, I finally put the dash in your name! I’m so embarrassed that it had not registered before…it finally did when I used a larger than usual font size to read your site.

    Your liturgical postings are interesting and welcome. For a few years now, I have been considering the traditional Catholic Church, but have yet to act. For someone who can be sometimes impulsive, on this I have most definitely been very slow. Recently, the thought occurred that the Anglican Church might be less intimidating to me. We have what I believe is one traditional, conservative Anglican Church in our area. That is my impression anyway. Your posts are inspiring me to maybe attempt a visit this week.

    Also, want to say that I think it is brilliant to include your liturgical events in your nature journal. Wanted to say that last week in my comment, but forgot.

    Reading your post with my afternoon tea…
    -Elizabeth B.

    1. LOL, don’t be Elizabeth. My name doesn’t have the hyphen on my birth certificate because my father forgot to put it in when registering my birth LOL. My mother was not impressed 😀 so my first name is Shirley and Ann is my second name even though it was meant to be hyphenated. I kind of like the hyphen and both my daughters have hyphenated names so I tend to switch between the two. So you and I are a similar in our name preferences too ;)Lots of common ground you and I.

      I was actually brought up in a Baptised home believe it or not and my husband a Methodist. We started attending an Anglican church when our girls were about 8 and 6 when we moved to an area where that was our nearest church. I absolutely love living out the liturgical year, it adds such depth to my faith. It’s not for everyone but I am naturally more conservative and feel very out of place in very charismatic churches, my husband is the same, so it suits us. Our girls like a bit more ‘bounce’ but they get that from their weekly Bible study they attend with a different denomination and they occasionally go with their friends to a more charismatic service on a Sunday evening.

      If you want to know what to expect drop me an email – it can be a bit daunting if you have never attended a church that follows an order of service.

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