Under An English Sky - Spring Garden Plans

Spring Garden & Plans

Under An English Sky - Spring Garden Plans

Happy Spring everyone! Today is the Spring Equinox so I think it is fitting to do a little spring garden post on my blog today.

As spring moves in and the earth awakens after it’s winter slumber, I usually find that my mind turns to plans for the garden. Last year we had a fairly successful garden, the potatoes did well as did the tomato’s and for the very first time I was successful in growing sweet peas which were an absolute delight!

Under An English Sky's Spring Garden
I love how this primrose has made its home in a crack in my garden steps.

However, on reflection, I feel that there were a few mistakes made that I will not make again and I am contemplating taking a different plan of action this year. By the way…the photographs throughout this post are of what is blooming right now in my garden – it’s looking so pretty and on a sunny day I enjoy sitting on the garden steps listening to the bees buzzing, sniffing the beautiful fragrance from the shrub below and sipping a cup of tea.

Under An English Sky's Spring Garden
I have yet to find out what shrub this is but those tiny white flowers give off a heavenly fragrance. The bees LOVE it.

My garden is a fraction of the size of my last one and although this means that it is easy to manage it also means that does not lend itself to veggie growing – at least not on any scale that makes it worthwhile. Added to the space issue is the fact that we have some big trees which means lots of shade – another no-no for veggie gardening.

Under An English Sky's Spring Garden
The garden is full of hellebores that are in full flower at the moment and looking beautiful.

Last spring I made the mistake of over-capitalizing. In other words, I was lazy and instead of starting my seeds from scratch in a timely fashion I went off to my local garden centre and bought seedlings. It ended up costing me waaaay more than I wanted to spend and some of the plants just did not do well due to the microclimate of my garden.

Although I grew lots of things in growing bags, my available space just is not enough for the yield I ideally want nor is it worth dedicating the small space I do have to vegetables because honestly, we only get about two or three meals out of the produce. All that time growing and nurturing for two or three meals? No – I think not.

So this season I have decided to take a different approach. I will buy all my fresh produce in and I will capitalise on what is in season by buying in bulk and canning. I will also make better use of what the hedgerow offers. I love foraging from the hedgerows and missed out on doing that last year. Free food! Who doesn’t love that?

I will use the space I do have, two raised beds, to grow a cut-flower garden.  The rest of my garden is beautiful and very well established. Nothing to add or do apart from maintenance, not my doing, someone else’s green fingers are responsible. I will also try my hand at putting together a patio garden – all pots. We have two patio/entertaining sections and both hold much potential.

I’m definitely going to give sweet peas a go again, I just love the fragrance they give and they keep yielding flowers well into late summer, early autumn. My home was never without a few posies of sweet peas last summer. I’m going to try to grow some of my English cottage garden favourites too – Lupins, Foxgloves, Delphinium and the such. All flowers I can cut and use indoors.

So this year I plan to just enjoy my garden. Not stress over yields or resent not having the space I want to accomplish lofty plans. I plan to spend lots of time sitting out in my garden, watching the butterflies and other insects enjoy a garden rich in pollen and nectar. I’m going to re-vamp one of the patio areas and make it into a little haven, a place that I can sit and write and paint. A place where I can drink tea and read a good magazine or book. That’s the summer I have in mind this year 🙂

Do you have any spring garden plans yet?

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11 thoughts on “Spring Garden & Plans

  1. We woke up to a fresh covering of snow; still too early for Spring here🌨☹️ But I do agree that months of work for very little produce is not sensible or rewarding. Good luck with your flower beds.

    1. Yes Gill, it certainly is dishearting to work so hard for so little. I was chatting to a lady who has lived in Devon all her life and commenting on how lovely it is that spring has arrived. She told me that they have known it to snow in April here, but that was many years ago 🙂

    1. Hi Karen, I’m always surprised how spring suddenly arrives – enjoy the pretty snow while it lasts. I have to admit to being a little envious! 🙂

  2. You have some wonderful ideas, I’m sure you will enjoy your little haven you create.

    I’m just starting to think about my garden, which I have neglected for quite a few years, but its day has arrived!

    We’re still buried under a few feet of snow where I am – – but soon it will be gone and I will certainly revisit your post for ideas. I’m hoping to create a butterfly/bee/hummingbird garden this year, flowers, flowers and more flowers… thank you for sharing such inspiring photos and ideas!

    1. Penny – you are the third person to tell me you are still under snow – I’m moving over to where you are LOL. I love snow, but I wonder if I would love it quite so much after a long winter. Your plans for your garden sound wonderful – A perfect summer haven!

  3. No snow for us here. It was about 24 Celsius yesterday. A bit warm for a March day, even where I am. Last week we had nights down -6 Celsius with white patches of snow collected on some roofs. Think that is all for this winter, though just north and south of here did have a day of it. Here, the weather is a roller coaster. We’ve been treated to tree breaking ice storms in April, snow at Christmas, daffodils in January, tornadoes in November, summer that just won’t go away, and sometimes a July day that seems like it is November.

    Gardening sounds lovely and my garden is about as roller coaster as the weather. Either I give up before I even get started, or I get very into it, only to give up when the Death Valley-like summer days hit.

    Here is hoping to a nice, stable season of summer gardening for myself and a wish to join you, Shirley-Ann, in your adventures in garden sitting. And you must join me in some glorious porch sitting here!

  4. March blew out in a feline fluster, but Spring has followed quickly behind! Where there was snow and ice, suddenly the pond is full of frogspawn and I am charting the return of our migrational birds day by day. This morning I heard a lark, although I couldn’t spot him. The fields and lawns are slowly greening up and the leaf buds on lilac and rose bushes are swelling. My bulbs are pushing their way through the earth as it thaws and I may even have forsythia in flower by Easter! Oh my heart sings with the returning of Spring. A poem I heard on radio 4 :” Wood not yet out” by Alice Oswald is one I copied into my nature journal this weekend.

    As for the garden, it’s time to sort through the greenhouse, and get ready for sowing seeds. My son has been nurturing baby trees he planted from seed last year, and it is time they found a place outdoors, although as they are several sweet chestnuts and walnut trees, I doubt I have room for them in my garden! Perhaps along the edge of the field. He is off on a two day fruit tree pruning course this week, so I think that is actually what will be happening next in the garden. I have greengage, plum, cherry and apple trees that need a little attention!

    1. Gill – loved your comment! What fun to read all about your garden and I looked up the poem you mentioned – I LOVED it! I have to copy that into my nature journal too. Thanks so much for sharing.

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