The Homeschool Mum and Empty Nest Syndrome

As a homeschool mum, I believe that we will experience ‘Empty Nest Syndrome‘ twice – per child! Once when our children graduate from our homeschool and again when they finally fledge and go out into the world on their own. I want to share my own experience of having my eldest daughter graduate because let me tell you, I was NOT […]

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English Landscape :: Dartmoor

We just got back from a walk on Dartmoor, the landscape is just so spectacular that I wanted to share a little bit of Devon with you today. It’s so quiet up there, so beautiful – it feeds the soul. It’s hard to be out in such surrounds and not ponder on God, His creation and many truths. “We are […]

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Half-Term Planning and a Gift for You

This week is our half-term break. I do look forward to these brief breaks in our learning, not just for the obvious reasons but because it is during these times that I take a bit of time to see if we are still on track for the year, make adjustments and plan out the next 6 weeks of learning. It’s […]

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Joy::Lost and Found. Struggling with joy in your Christian Walk? Check out this encouraging post on Under An English Sky

Joy:: Lost and Found

*I’m sharing this post in the hopes that it might be of encouragement to those who feel that they have lost their joy. We have since found our church family but it’s been a process and a storm that I have had to weather.  “Sometimes it feels like we are in a desert! The Christian walk is not one long […]

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4 simple steps to an organised home. An organised home runs on established habits. Under An English sky gives an insight into how you can go about establishing habits and be on your way to having an organised home. Free printable included!

4 Simple Steps To Establishing an Organised Home

The key to having an organised home lies in establishing habits by which it runs. Recently, I was having a chat with a very dear friend of mine who has just completed some rather extensive home renovations. She was sharing with me how her established home keeping rhythms had pretty much all gone and how it had left her feeling […]

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