Under An English Sky - Spring Garden Plans

Spring Garden & Plans

Happy Spring everyone! Today is the Spring Equinox so I think it is fitting to do a little spring garden post on my blog today. As spring moves in and the earth awakens after it’s winter slumber, I usually find that my mind turns to plans for the garden. Last year we had a fairly successful garden, the potatoes did […]

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March Round-Up

First off…   I can’t believe that it’s the 17th already! I feel like I blinked and suddenly it’s two weeks later, even my daughter was saying today that it felt like we were ringing in the new year not long ago. As I began this post I looked back to see my last post and see that it was […]

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The Seasonal Home :: Plans for the Week

Hello Lovelies! Spring is right around the corner and this week there is much to mark and celebrate in the seasonal home. I thought I would share a few things that we will be doing in our home this week. Tuesday Tuesday is Shrove Tuesday which means it’s a pancake dinner and pancake dessert. There is such comfort in observing […]

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Nature Journal Pages of Charlotte Mason Homeschooling mum. Under An English Sky Blog

Nature Journal Pages for February

This time last month I shared my January nature journal pages. I thought that for this year, all going well, I would make this a monthly post, if for no other reason as that it helps urge me on in keeping my 2017 goal of working in my nature journal weekly. I hope that these posts will also encourage you […]

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The Homeschool Mum and Empty Nest Syndrome

As a homeschool mum, I believe that we will experience ‘Empty Nest Syndrome‘ twice – per child! Once when our children graduate from our homeschool and again when they finally fledge and go out into the world on their own. I want to share my own experience of having my eldest daughter graduateĀ because let me tell you, I was NOT […]

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