Nature Journal Pages of Charlotte Mason Homeschooling mum. Under An English Sky Blog

Nature Journal Pages for February

This time last month I shared my January nature journal pages. I thought that for this year, all going well, I would make this a monthly post, if for no other reason as that it helps urge me on in keeping my 2017 goal of working in my nature journal weekly. I hope that these posts will also encourage you to keep your own nature journal alongside your children and I plan to show the pages with my ‘mess-ups’ because keeping a journal is not about creating this perfect work of art. It’s about recording your observations for you to look back on and remember.

Nature Journal Pages of Charlotte Mason Homeschooling mum. Under An English Sky Blog

This was the page I created for 2017’s Big Garden Birdwatch which is held annually by the RSPB at the end of January each year. I wanted to show some of the birds that we spotted and the tools that we used. I love how this page turned out but there were a few things that didn’t turn out quite the way I intended. The little Long-tailed tit looks like he’s standing in front of a hairdryer LOL – not sure what happened there also the Dunnocks shape and form are okay but I struggled with the colouring for some reason. Oh well, we learn from our mistakes.

Pages of a Charlotte Mason homeschool mum. Under An English Sky Blog

February’s first entry. We are an Anglican family and thus observe the liturgical year so I like to try and include these observances in my nature journal because they contribute strongly to the rhythm of our days, weeks and year. The orange skin filled with beeswax is a craft that I have pinned onto one of my Pinterest boards. It made the perfect Candlemas craft. February sees the arrival of catkins and catching a glimpse of one of my cats sleeping in a puddle of sunlight brought a little folklore saying to mind, so into the journal it went – just a quick ink sketch.

Nature Journal pages of a Charlotte Mason homeschooling mum. Under An English Sky blog

This next page was another ‘mixed satisfaction’ page. I’m fairly happy with the crocus and snowdrops but that moon! Oh no – not happy at all. I had watched a tutorial on Youtube but I’m afraid that just did not work for me. I think I need to just trust my own gut instinct when I have a paintbrush in my hand.

Pages from a Charlotte Mason homeschool mums nature journal. Under An English Sky blog

Last week was pond time. Time to ready it for the spring and summer. I started scooping out some leaves from the bottom of the pond and dumped the leaves into the flowerbed nearby. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a movement, it was a Palmate Newt. They are residents of our pond but I hadn’t thought they would be back so soon. They usually move out of the pond after breeding season and into the garden for the summer.

Nature journal pages of a Charlotte Mason homeschooling mum. Under an English Sky Blog

At the bottom of my garden, we have a stone wall that is covered in ivy. A small clump of daffodils and snowdrops have decided that this is a perfect place to make their home. I just love seeing these two heralds of spring happily living in such an unusual spot.

So there we have it. How is your nature journaling going so far? Have you managed any entries for February?

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6 thoughts on “Nature Journal Pages for February

  1. Lovely post and it makes me determined that we should get back to nature journaling. It is one of those things left in the dust as we go speeding through our days. Sad because it is one of the dearest to me. This is what I mean about the standards of everyone else leaving no time for the things that really matter. After this school year when we are finished with Physical Science, I intend that the remaining three years of high school will be a nature oriented science such as Marine Biology or Zoology, Astronomy, and maybe Botany.

    Thanks for such an inspiring post!

    1. Hi Elizabeth, firstly – I have edited the spelling as you asked LOL πŸ˜€

      I know what you mean, we definitely went through a period of leaving nature study in the dust. I think it’s the pressure of high school subjects. But I’ve come to realise that it’s important to actually have a break from all those lessons and get outside for some fresh air – in fact, it’s very important for mental wellbeing.

      All those other science subjects you mentions fit in beautifully with nature study, in fact I’m sure Tricia from Hodgepodge mom mentioned that very thing in one of her nature posts on her blog.



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