March Round-Up

First off…


I can’t believe that it’s the 17th already! I feel like I blinked and suddenly it’s two weeks later, even my daughter was saying today that it felt like we were ringing in the new year not long ago. As I began this post I looked back to see my last post and see that it was published at the end of February! I really didn’t think that it had been that long since I had last met with you here (how can that be? It doesn’t feel that long :D), so this post is a bit of a March catch-up.



My St. Pat’s plans had to be put aside this year as my youngest daughter and I have spent the whole day doing a photo shoot for my husband (I had a photography business before we started homeschooling) – he runs a hotel and needs fresh room pictures for his website. I am pleased with how it all worked out, we got some great shots and this weekend I’ll do some editing before I pass them on.

With spring around the corner (NEXT WEEK! Eeeeeeeeep – so happy!) I have been popping a few spring touches around my home. A little flower garland along the mantel along with a sweet little tin blue bird – both gifts from sweet friends.

And on top of the mantle, I have a few sprigs of Forsythia which just screams spring to me. I don’t have any Forsythia in my garden (I used to have in our previous home) so I have to hunt around a bit for it. I found a lovely Forsythia bush near our church and cut a few sprigs on Sunday, cutting my thumb in the process – ouch!

How cute is that face!? Just had to slip this piccy in – has nothing to do with the rest of my news LOL.

So I joined Slimming World at the end of February and have already lost 4 kg! That’s about 8 lbs – best of all, I have not felt like I’m on a diet at all. It’s all food optimising and I haven’t felt hungry or deprived once. I can see why this way of healthy eating gets such great reviews. I’m loving trying out the recipes, it’s amazing to learn new low-fat ways of making old family favourites, and it tastes just as good if not better!

Earlier this month I dyed up a whole lot of yarn inspired by the colours of spring – and it was a hit! I’m super excited about dying up some more of this colourway but it has been a frustrating wait as my yarn blanks supplier has been out of stock. I’m hoping that – all going well – I’ll have my yarn order by the end of next week, then next weekend I’ll be dying yarn all weekend 🙂

Well my friends, that’s a very quick round-up of March so far – still a few more things to share but I need to finish off dinner before choir practice so I will love and leave you for today and be back very soon.

Blessings to you all and have a wonderful weekend.

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4 thoughts on “March Round-Up

  1. You cat is beautiful!

    I am anxious to decorate my house for Spring, but we got 30.5 inches (you read that right) of snow this week so I’m not feeling very inspired. I think i need to visit a florist ASAP!

    Enjoy your moments – each and every one!

    1. 30 inches of snow! Oh my goodness Penny, that is a LOT of snow. I’m kinda jealous though, we’ve had no snow this winter. Have a lovely week 🙂

  2. Shirley-Ann, so happy to see this today. Love your photos, and that book looks inspiring! The yarn makes me yearn to knit shawls. I bought some knitting books because I would love to learn to just make shawls. Don’t care about learning to knit anything else. Well, those books keep sitting now 2 years waiting for me. Cannot find the time. I want nice hand crafted shawls so badly that I bought a few off of Etsy from a lady in Poland. Beautiful. Last time I tried to buy from her, she was temporarily closed. Can’t find her now.

    Have you knitted big things? I love your yarn. Make me a shawl and I will buy it!😊.

    1. 🙂 Hi Elizabeth, shawls are really lovely, I’ve knitted a few. There are some stunning shawl patterns out there. I used to knit my children’s jumpers but they have outgrown mums hand knits. Mostly I make socks, gloves and mittens, scarfs, hats, that sort of thing. I have to admit that my knitting mojo seems to be elusive of late in favour of dying yarn. It usually returns around autumn time 🙂

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