January’s Small Joys

If you have been following my blog for any length of time you will know how much I advocate, and indeed seek, to find life’s ‘small joys’. I find that if I don’t quietly seek out small joys in my life, pretty soon I feel rotten. Life seems to take over and before you know it you are rushing from one day to the next, wondering how it is that it’s Friday when Monday only feels like it was yesterday.  We miss the small moments that are presented to us each day, moments that nurture joy. So here are some of my small joys for this week.

We have had some really lovely bright days in the south this week. I know that we have been rather lucky because the rest of the country has been blanketed in cloud. Twice this week I have had washing on the line – I love being able to do that in winter. Small joys 🙂

Of course with clear skies in winter comes rather nippy temperatures, frost, and earlier on in the week – ice. No snow but we had this weird ice shower mixed with snowflakes. The ice made it through the night and it was lovely to wake up and see it carpeting the garden.

Now I do find that January can be quite a tough month to love. But the secret to not letting it get you down is to take joy in those small things that cost nothing and are completely free. And one of those small things for me is seeing the spring bulbs pushing through the earth. Don’t they look so fresh and new? These spring bulbs will grow day by day and then produce a wonderful purple display for they are bluebells.

Giving joy to these dark winter months is a Camellia bush in my garden.

Is this normal I wonder? Should this shrub be flowering in January? I don’t know, but this particular shrub sits right outside my kitchen window and it is a joy to wash dishes and see these delicate pink blooms speckled in amongst its greenery.

So what small joys have you stopped to savour this week?

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4 thoughts on “January’s Small Joys

  1. It is good to appreciate these things isn’t it. Taking a few moments to photograph some icy leaves in the garden this week was a real treat for me and something I haven’t had time for for ages so I did enjoy it. You are a great inspiration and this is a good reminder to us all!

    1. It is Amy. I love capturing nature through the seasons, there is something very soothing about doing so, especially in the quiet of the early morning.

  2. Your lovely shrub is a camellia japonica, I think, and yes, they bloom happily in cold weather/early spring. They come in many shades of pinks, reds, and white, but the MOST familiar camellia you are familiar with is the camellia sinensis — the tea leaves in your tea cup!

    1. Amanda thank you so much for leaving this info. I saw another Camellia in my village that was also in bloom so I figured that it must be ‘normal’ LOL. Isn’t it lovely that such a pretty flower comes into it’s own during deepest winter?

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