In the Dye Pots

Hello lovelies 🙂 It’s April!! Whoohoo. I really lovely this month. It seems that every day I see something new springing to life in the garden and the surrounding countryside. This stirring to life just fills me with such inspiration and joy. BTW, how cute is this sheepy face!?

So I have a few things to chit-chat to you about. The first and most exciting is my yarn business. As you know, late last year dipped my toe into the world of yarn and dye pots. It was such fun! I have to tell you that I am quite addicted to this little endeavour, the smell of the dye pots, although yucky at first, now brings a sense of calm and peace to my soul. Sounds odd perhaps but you know those ‘small things’ that bring about that feeling? Like being all warm and toasty indoors while you watch snowflakes fall silently to the ground, or lazing in the warm sunshine listening to someone mowing the lawn in the distance, or watching a butterfly gently flit from flower to flower.

Well the smell and gentle bubbling of the dye pots has been added to those ‘small things’ that I often share with you that bring peace to my soul.

Anyhoo, I digress. My yarn seems to be selling quite well. Initially, I only bought a few packs of bases because I’m cautious that way. I don’t want to shell out huge amounts of money for a venture that might not take off. But I have to say that the fibre/knitting/crochet community is AMAZING! There are so many lovely people out there who love yarn, love knitting/crochet, and who happy to support indie dyers like myself. That has been a huge encouragement to me.


Japanese Cherry Blossom Colourway

Soooooo, I’ve stopped dipping my toes and instead I have plunged right in! I opened a wholesale account with my yarn base supplier, I’m busy having ball-bands and business cards professionally printed and my dye pots are out a couple of times a week.

Because I love yarn and knitting so much, I feel that this is the perfect ‘job’ for me. Let me tell you, it’s taken me my whole life to find my niche. I’ve always known that homeschooling my children was absolutely the right thing for all of us. And I have loved every single minute of it and if I could turn back the clocks I would live these homeschooling years all over again. But children grow up. One is in college and my ‘baby’ only has a year to go with me.

Dye pots cooling outside

For the past year or so, the thought of ‘what next when the girls have graduated’ has been plaguing my thoughts. But now I see a glimmer at the end of that tunnel. I have found something that I love and I’m SOOOOO excited!

I have big plans. I want to grow my business slowly and sustainably. I have some exciting projects planned within that growth plan. I would love to be able to work up to a point where I can attend yarn shows.

Skeins drying outside

I know that this next year is going to be a huge learning curve in what to do and what not to do. I have so much to learn about the art of dyeing, of colour theory and so on.But I’m not afraid of making mistakes because I truly love what I am doing now. Mistakes are part of the learning process and I am eager to learn.

Hmmm, I feel that I’ve already said too much in this post, and I still have more to share with you. I don’t however, want this to become a huge long essay of a post too laborious to read in one day – and for many of us time is of the essence. So I think that I will save the rest of my ramblings for another post.

All this week I will be dying yarn and updating the shop (you can visit my shop by clicking on the ‘Shop Under an English Sky’s Yarns’ tab at the top of the page). I thought of having ‘update days’ but I just don’t work that way. I love to work to my own rhythm and update as I have yarn available so you can check out what is in the shop there if you are a fellow yarnie 🙂

Please do let me know your favourite colours that you like to knit/crochet with. I do take an immense amount of inspiration from nature (I’m sure you wouldn’t expect anything less from this nature loving gal) but I am always interested in what colours float other people’s boats 🙂

Under An English Sky's Yarns

Okay! Enough babbling for today. Have a lovely Tuesday and I shall see you back here very soon.

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9 thoughts on “In the Dye Pots

  1. So beautiful! I’d love to see the pattern the colors make. Can you post a picture of something knitted with this yarn? I’m truly impressed!!

  2. Such a joy to visit and see your beautiful yarn. I am thrilled that you have found your niche and now have such a great project to focus on. Wishing you every success with your new venture. I have been enthralled with the beauty of the Hebridean Islands and the natural colours of the sand, sea and moorland.

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