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Hello Lovelies! Well, here we are in Holy Week already. Lent seemed to fly by for me. Our sunny weather streak is still holding which is lovely, it’s making for a very enjoyable spring so far.

If you have been visiting me here at Under an English Sky for any length of time you will know that I am a creature who embraces the seasons – natural and liturgical. I love to pepper my home with little touches that reflect the season, I feel that it adds to that sense of ‘home’ for my family. Being in Holy Week I have added a few appropriate touches.

I’ve decorated the mantle for the next two weeks as you can see. I have my crochet Easter bunting that I made a few years back, some lovely spring primroses and 4 Lindt Easter bunnies – they always make an appearance on my Easter mantle because they are yummy and cute 😉

The Easter Home - Under An English Sky

I love to pluck a few twigs whilst on a walk in the woodlands or from my garden to serve as a little Easter tree. This year I have chosen to use a few flowering Magnolia twigs from the garden. As we move through the weekend I am hoping that the twigs will put forth flowers and leaves, all in keeping with the new life we have through Jesus Christ. I also have all the ingredients to make some Resurrection Rolls, I think I will make them on Easter morning to enjoy before we attend the celebration Eucharist at church.

I had to show you this beautiful tree that is outside of my living room…

It’s just so pretty! I love that it gives this spectacular display in April and then another flourish in the autumn. Underneath this tree is a carpet of bluebells, in fact,

my front and back garden is full of them at this time of the year…

It is WONDERFUL to be in England in April! Well…I’m completely biased, it’s wonderful to be living in England permanently! It’s such an amazing, beautiful country. 2017 is another milestone year for us because this is the year we naturalise! Yip, right now I am working on filling in the longest form you ever did see to apply for our citizenship. Do you know, I think that I will cry on the day when we swear allegiance to the queen and to the country. Never have I been happier than in this beautiful land.

Anyhoo lovelies, I’m not sure that I will chat with you again before Easter. DH is now at home for the weekend and we have lots going on as you all do, so I want to take this opportunity to wish you and your families, from me and mine, a very blessed Easter.

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2 thoughts on “Holy Week :: The Seasonal Home

  1. I cannot believe that I am just now reading your lovely Easter post. Life around here has been swamped for two weeks and just now catching a breath. Happy for you and your English citizenship adventure. A bit envious, as I have said before, always have dreamed of England. Sigh. Hope your last couple of weeks have been lovely!

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