Half-Term Planning and a Gift for You

This week is our half-term break. I do look forward to these brief breaks in our learning, not just for the obvious reasons but because it is during these times that I take a bit of time to see if we are still on track for the year, make adjustments and plan out the next 6 weeks of learning.

It’s also a time where I make sure that my heart is still in the right place with regards to our homeschooling. You see, we started homeschooling 11 years ago because God called us to do so. However, I have found during these high school years that it is very easy to allow fear to grab hold of my heart and drown out God’s leading. So this week I have felt the need to really seek God, examine my own heart and motives. I have gone back to old journals and read the vision and convictions that God gave us all those years ago.

I’ve gone off track. I’ve allowed the world’s views to shape my decisions and actions. It’s time to refocus and re-tune.

Charlotte Mason Bookmarks freebie - Under An English Sky blog
Download and Print

In my planning this morning I created a set of bookmarks to use in my planner and our read aloud books over the next term – a reminder that God led us to giving our children a rich Charlotte Mason education and that her methods and educational wisdom still stand true no matter what the age of our children.

Please feel free to download them for your own personal use. I am happy if you share them but please do link back to my blog. Print on cardstock and cover with contact plastic or laminate.

Happy Wednesday to you all.

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10 thoughts on “Half-Term Planning and a Gift for You

  1. Although I commented a few days ago and say I don’t often do this, wanted to comment also on this post.

    My daughter is ninth grade and I absolutely relate to getting off track and allowing the world’s views to shape decisions. I feel that I know what my child really needs- lots of creative and nature led Charlotte Mason style learning. Music, art, nature sciences and reading. But, here in the U.S. we have these outside dictates that even our homeschool cover, which claims to be for parental independence, enforces. Standardized testing, certain classes that must be on a high school transcript, etc.

    I vacillate between rebellion and cowering back into line. It is her future after all and all my creative ideals and wishes won’t get her a stable spot in this ridiculous world. I guess. Or, maybe not. See, I am always arguing with myself over this.

    She’s ninth grade. There isn’t a lot of time left to figure this out. Yet, just this week I read where Sally Clarkson said:

    I was pretty loose with our high school years and let the kids do a lot of self-study, read a lot of books, do some (just a little bit) of math. We gave our kids the computer program to prepare them for SAT and ACT tests. Then, a few days before they took their SAT tests, we hired a math tutor to coach them. They both scored well above the 90th percentile overall and were offered scholarships from numerous places.

    I found this on a Crosswalk interview from a few years back. So, now I am thinking of taking this approach, while simultaneously thinking that maybe she should be enrolled in early college for high schoolers at a major university where we are already going once a week anyway for her music lessons and symphony rehearsals.

    Anyway, as much information as is online, there is little of it regarding high school that truly helps me and leaves me with a feeling of peace and knowing the right path with this. I have practically every curriculum under the sun, I have resources upon resources. All that isn’t the problem. It’s time and knowing whether we should march in line or step out and still be ok.

    Thanks for your blog!!

    1. Elizabeth – your story is exactly my story. I am constantly torn and question myself. In England we have the same hurdles to jump – although I have to say that I contacted York University last year to see what they would accept for entry to do an English degree and they seemed to be more open to alternative education than the schooling system would have us believe. They were happy to accept the SAT and then 3 SAT subjects, all at a certain score of course, but it seems to be doable whilst not letting go of the CM method.

      This year we are jumping the ‘hoop’ by getting her GCSE’s and then we are going to go for it with the SAT. I spoke to Tricia from The Curriculum Choice (Hodgepodge Mom) for advice as her first went to college in September 2017 and she shared a very similar story. They just continued with their TOG as they always had, then did a bit of SAT practice through Khan Academy and her daughter scored well enough to get into college without any hassles at all. She’s written a few Highschool posts that are worth reading. If you email me shirleyannvels414@gmail.com – I’ll forward what she sent me to you if you want.


  2. Good morning! I just wanted to let you know that we have * FEATURED * this post today on the Art of Home-Making Mondays at Strangers & Pilgrims on Earth! Thank you for taking the time to share with us! πŸ™‚

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