English Landscape :: Dartmoor

We just got back from a walk on Dartmoor, the landscape is just so spectacular that I wanted to share a little bit of Devon with you today.

It’s so quiet up there, so beautiful – it feeds the soul. It’s hard to be out in such surrounds and not ponder on God, His creation and many truths.

“We are all meant to be naturalists, each in his own degree, and it is inexcusable to live in a world so full of the marvels of plant and animal life and to care for none of these things” ~ Charlotte Mason

Look at that sky! It’s quite breathtaking.

“The question is not, — how much does the youth know? When he has finished his education — but how much does he care? and about how many orders of things does he care? In fact, how large is the room in which he finds his feet set in? and, therefore, how full is the life he has before him?” ~ Charlotte Mason

Dartmoor- Devon, England

“The sense of beauty comes from early contact with nature” ~Charlotte Mason

Dartmoor - Devon, England

“Never be within doors when you can rightly be without” – Charlotte Mason

Look who we came across on our walk…some Dartmoor ponies. They are just beautiful and allowed us to get fairly close to them, in fact they seemed to be rather curious about us.

And…for the first time ever, we spotted one or two skylarks! They are just lovely. They are found everywhere in the UK apparently but prefer the open countryside and don’t often venture into the suburbs. They clearly love the moorland because their song pretty much surrounded us. We disturbed them as we walked through the scrub, they soared into the sky, flying higher and higher and singing that distinctive song.

Blessings to you all today 😉

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6 thoughts on “English Landscape :: Dartmoor

  1. Skylarks are my absolute favourite birds, although I have to wait until April when they return from their migration. There is always at least one nest in the field in front of our house, and the sound of the larks and having my laundry out on the line once more are true signs that spring has returned. They seem to be linked in my memory with new babies and a happy farmer husband out on his tractor again! The sound of the lark brings great contentment to me.

    1. I love your connections with the skylark Gill! I feel like I’m right there with you hanging up the laundry on a mild spring morning listening to the trill of the skylark 😉

    1. Lorraine I’m so pleased that my photo’s stirred happy memories for you – it truly is quite special to be out there on the moors in the presence of these beautiful animals 🙂

  2. So beautiful!! Thank you for sharing your lovely day. The light your photos is just fantastic! I

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