Catch-up, Podcast and a Little Homeschooling Encouragment

Did you have a wonderful Easter? We had such a lovely Easter service. The church looked beautiful – all the scaffolding has come down after the extensive repairs, the flowers were magnificent, the church was packed with visitors and everyone was just so happy and joyful, even the weather played ball and blessed us with a lovely warm, blue-skied morning. I have some lovely pictures but for some very annoying reason WordPress is uploading them on their side and will-not-flip them! Grrrrr! Anyhoo…

I’ve been dying up lots of yarn which has been fun. I really love my ‘job’ – can you call it that if you’re having fun? 🙂 My colourways are completely inspired by England’s landscape, history, heritage, literary characters and so on. If you’ve been reading my blog for any length of time you will know how I love observing the seasons, feast days, celebrations, the English countryside and traditions and observing and taking joy in the ‘small things’. Well…this, all this, is the inspiration behind my yarns. I am inspired by life and by this wonderful country. It’s my happy place LOL.

And so there is a story behind every one of my yarns because there is a story behind everyone, there is a story behind me, who I am, behind you and who you are. If someone visits my Etsy shop and clicks on one of my yarns they will read the story behind how it came to be. In each colourway, there is a little bit of the England I see and experience embedded in those fibres.

I have a new podcast up if you are interested. This episode went on way longer than I had planned. I usually like to keep them around 30 to 40 minutes but I was so busy chatting away about knitty things that I completely lost track of time, then suddenly saw how long I had been recording and felt pressured (self-induced of course) to finish up quickly! It then took an entire night – like 8 or 9 hours – to upload! *Sigh* Perhaps I should podcast twice a month as it will keep my babbling time down LOL.

On the homeschool front… I have to tell you that I CANT-WAIT… until exam season is over. Our days have just been devoid of our lovely Charlotte Mason approach. We – well, I mean Jess – has been ploughing through past papers, revision videos and study sessions. I feel like we have lost some of the joy of learning. But it’s only until the exams are done, then we look forward to a new year with new plans. I’m not sure how that’s going to look right now, this will take some prayer time to seek God on His plan for her final year.

This week we took a break from the books and decided to go for a walk along the river near our home, we needed to clear our heads from the incessant study work. Nature is so therapeutic and healing. This two-hour walk really ‘reset’ our focus, we decided that our nature study time has to continue throughout these last few weeks before the exams because it is beneficial to recharging our brains!

It’s bluebell time in our woodlands and so as we walked we enjoyed the magical purple carpet under the trees, the scent is just wonderful. We sat by the river quietly, just chatting and listening to the water flow past.

Then a little climbing…her, not me 😉

Then back we go, leaving behind the magical purple carpet, the babbling brook, the scents of the woodland, but taking with us more memories of all these things, a walk shared and with our tired minds rejuvenated by nature’s soft and gentle ways.

Homeschooling mums, these last few weeks of the school year can be exhausting. We’ve run another year faithfully teaching our children and fatigue is setting in. But I am reminded that we are to be faithful in taking moments in our week to rest, and what better way to do so than outdoors just enjoying our surroundings and the company of our beautiful children.

Blessings to you all 🙂 Have a lovely weekend…

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5 thoughts on “Catch-up, Podcast and a Little Homeschooling Encouragment

  1. Hello, Shirley-Anne. It seems no matter how hard I determine to Charlotte Mason style our school, reality takes over. We never even really got to do bird counts this school year. For years we had done the Feeder Watch program. It is sooooo frustrating. I’ve written you about this recently-how to do Charlotte Mason, joy driven learning with all the outside pressures. Add a serious extracurricular interest on top of it and…where is the time? My daughter recently went fro a couple hours a day practicing her instrument to 3-4. It is so hard to do it all.

    I would like the trade off to be Algebra not nature study. But, in this insane world, it just isn’t working out. But, I still feel like I am making it this way by not just doing the wonderful things first and fitting in the supposed necessaries as they can be.

    Hope you all have a lovely end of school year.

    1. I know exactly how you feel Elizabeth, although I don’t have the pressures you do with a rigorous extracurricular activity to contend with it often feels like I’m fighting the worlds system and view on what a ‘good’ education looks like.

  2. Sorry about the Ann with an e! Don’t know where that came from. I know your name doesn’t have one.

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