Blog Improvements and Your Valuable Feedback

Have you noticed a difference yet to my blog? I’m trying to make it more appealing and less cluttered. I’ve been blogging for quite a few years now and I’m pretty sure that there are things that I could do better. I suspect that it will mean digging deeper into the scary world of technology and educating myself on things that other bloggers more than likely have a pretty good grip on already. 

These thoughts have been milling about in my mind for some time now, and I have asked the question as to why it matters and if doing things differently (better) would be of any benefit. The answer is that it matters because I value my readers, I love to write, and if you can do things better then why wouldn’t you do so? 

I have complied a survey (gosh I hope it works!) where I have asked two questions and given various answers that just need clicking on. You can pick more than one answer. There is a third question where you can type in other comments. This can be other suggestions on what you want to see or not see, tell me how you like the new look, is there anything you don’t like about it? What about the photography? Are the pictures too big/just right etc…

As I said, I really to value my readers so would love to hear from you, so would you mind helping me out but leaving your opinions? Below you will find the survey, I have also left a link to the survey on my Facebook Page if you would prefer.

Thank you so much for taking the time to let me know what you want, don’t want or want to see.

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6 thoughts on “Blog Improvements and Your Valuable Feedback

  1. I'm very interested in everything you blog about, Shirley Ann. I hope you continue writing about your lifestyle, your faith, home schooling your younger daughter, education as you find it in the UK and other thoughts about living here. Have a lovely day!

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