In the Dye Pots

Hello lovelies 🙂 It’s April!! Whoohoo. I really lovely this month. It seems that every day I see something new springing to life in the garden and the surrounding countryside. This stirring to life just fills me with such inspiration and joy. BTW, how cute is this sheepy face!? So I have a few things to chit-chat to you about. […]

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Under An English Sky - Spring Garden Plans

Spring Garden & Plans

Happy Spring everyone! Today is the Spring Equinox so I think it is fitting to do a little spring garden post on my blog today. As spring moves in and the earth awakens after it’s winter slumber, I usually find that my mind turns to plans for the garden. Last year we had a fairly successful garden, the potatoes did […]

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March Round-Up

First off…   I can’t believe that it’s the 17th already! I feel like I blinked and suddenly it’s two weeks later, even my daughter was saying today that it felt like we were ringing in the new year not long ago. As I began this post I looked back to see my last post and see that it was […]

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The Seasonal Home :: Plans for the Week

Hello Lovelies! Spring is right around the corner and this week there is much to mark and celebrate in the seasonal home. I thought I would share a few things that we will be doing in our home this week. Tuesday Tuesday is Shrove Tuesday which means it’s a pancake dinner and pancake dessert. There is such comfort in observing […]

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Nature Journal Pages of Charlotte Mason Homeschooling mum. Under An English Sky Blog

Nature Journal Pages for February

This time last month I shared my January nature journal pages. I thought that for this year, all going well, I would make this a monthly post, if for no other reason as that it helps urge me on in keeping my 2017 goal of working in my nature journal weekly. I hope that these posts will also encourage you […]

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